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Faber-Castell Schreiblernschule / Writing School
flash game

  • OOP
  • Flash 9
  • ActionScript 3
  • Design Patterns
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Deep Linking (SWF Address)
  • Flash Detection (SWF Object)
  • Based on Open Source Gaia Flash Framework
  • TweenLite/TweenMax animation library
  • Simple API for none programmers

I designed this project as a framework that allows designers to quickly and easily create new writing exercises without any prior knowledge of ActionScript. There is no timeline ActionScript, all ActionScript is written in classes in external files and all classes are organized into packages. My framework is built on the Gaia Flash Framework which provides Deep Linking and SEO features as well as Flash detection and asset loading and management.

The animation of the hand is done in such a way so that the designer/animator simply animates the movement of a point, and the hand automatically follows. Because of the inverse kinematics the hand moves in a fluid and life like manner, which was important in this project because the natural tendency of children is to use their whole arm or body to write and we need to teach children to write by bending their fingers and wrist.

I programmed the mouth so it animates automatically in sync with the sound, no keyframe animation required. This was accomplished by analyzing the sound levels to open and close the mouth. Also, the eyes blink randomly ever 2-10 seconds.

Transitions automatically handle animation of hand so you can change the page (navigate to new page) in the middle of a drawing without any problem.

> play the game


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