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Walking Meditation
(from the Meditations on Space and Time series)
max/msp/jitter, video camera, laptop computer

Meditations on Space and Time is a series of works that explore the unnatural relationship, or perhaps the new nature of our relationship to space and time which technology affords us. While the images are quite abstract, these works do not actually distort space and time themselves, they simple give us new perspectives from which to view the world.

In Walking Meditation as the visitor walks past the camera his/her body is 'scanned' resulting in an image showing the pieces of the body as they were when passing in front of the camera. The longer a body part stays in front of the camera, the more it is stretched horizontally. The horizontal spacial axis is now the time axis. You are seeing how a thin sliver of pixels/space changed over time. The quicker the body part passes in front of the camera, the more it is compressed.


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